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Download LOST in Blue Mod APK on your device. A free RPG adventure where you control multiple characters & solve quests at various locations.
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Imagine being stuck on an island with no way to get off. LOST in Blue game takes a fascinating story setting where one young man’s plan goes awry after discovering something else than what he expected while exploring. The circumstances here are tense and it feels like things will only get worse as time goes on without resolution or escape from this place. But there is hope, you can take charge of what happens next by yourself with LOST in Blue Mod APK.

LOST in Blue Mod APK

Main Features- LOST in Blue Mod APK

Find Effective Survival Methods

This island is a dangerous place, but with your skills, you will easily make it. You must find resources to create weapons and tools for life on this wild planet. They will help you protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances or day-to-day tasks that are too difficult without them. You must withstand the extreme conditions of weather like tsunamis and storms.


LOST in Blue is an Android game that will keep you on your toes. The player must do whatever it takes to survive including building a shelter or finding food & water for themselves. Since there are no supplies nearby at all of course but don’t lose hope.

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Exciting Gameplay

Unlike other role-playing games of its kind, this game offers a great storyline rather than merely a fight. You have an excellent opportunity to choose from three categories: a wizard at the start with limited magic skills, a knight who rides horses to battle against the beasts, and a swashbuckler who can only fly over short distances on his own terms. The choice is yours, how your character develops throughout gameplay.

Download Dungeon Quest Mod APK

The best way to escape from your daily routine is by playing games. It’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do when it feels like everything else in life has been taken away from us, If action-oriented gameplay with strong character development appeals more so then Lost in Blue Mod Apk might be what you will love. There are plenty of exclusive features waiting inside these walls.

You can be anyone from a petty thief to a scientist, or even royalty in this postulating world. With so many options available, it’s hard not to know what your next move should entail. Don’t worry because our mod has got all that covered for you. Just download Dungeon Quest Mod Apk right now if you want some fun while also learning how best to utilize those powers.

Power Up Your Character

In this challenging game, you must collect ancient scrolls and items to power up your character’s abilities. Several things will influence how powerful they are so chosen wisely. You also must travel across the land capturing objectives while fighting epic monsters along the way. The story starts off easy enough. The hero sets out onto turbulent seas aboard his trusty ship. You can’t always defeat the monsters, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Use your rare battle skills on this battlefield to get victory in PVP and PvE battles. And find ways for increasing character powers by completing.

Easy Controlling System

The developer has made it easy to play the game with simple controls. You can tap on your screen and move around without any difficulty or confusion about how things work. The popularity of a game depends upon its controlling system because gamers prefer games that have straightforward control options. To keep this thing in mind, there are no complicated schemes in this game. All controls are conveniently located so they are always at sight reach distance away.

Unlock Exclusive Characters

Each character has his own unique fighting ability as well as style that sets him apart from the other. The defense-based warriors are mighty but slow whereas the magic-using wizards can be a bit more elusive. Finally, there is Rogus, an agile thief capable not only of fighting with a sword or gun. He also runs fast when needs to get away quickly after doing his job. The Lost In Blue android guide will help you achieve your objective.

Upgrade Your Character

LOST in BLUE Android game is an absorbing, free-to-play online RPG that takes place in the dark depths of the world. The game has many updates with cool new features to keep players interested and engaged throughout their journey. You must keep upgrading skills at every opportunity you get. It’s not just about killing monsters; you need brains if you plan for success so try recruiting followers along the way who will help fight alongside yours when needed most.

Mod Features

  • Lost In Blue Mod APK Free Craft
  • Mod Menu
  • Latest Version
  • Lost In Blue Mod APK OBB Unlimited Money
  • Lost In Blue Mod APK All Unlocked


You will get to fight with monsters and dungeons in this role-playing game. You can use your skills, and surprise the enemies by making eye-catching moves. Choose from one of many characters available to play in Lost in Blue Mod APK unlimited money. Each filled out differently than others giving them their own unique feel while playing through. Have fun collecting items throughout all stages as you quest toward victory at any cost.

What's new

1. Deep Into The Core event is now available.
2. The companion Christmas Barney can now be recruited.
3. Added a new skin series Christmas Protector.


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How to install LOST in Blue Mod APK APK?

1. Tap the downloaded LOST in Blue Mod APK APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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